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".. a girl loves her hair & lashes"

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...........Your Better Half

Her Essence is a private suite located in South Atlanta- in the city of Riverdale , Ga. Her Essence formally Her Lashes Studio, was founded by a young woman that goes by the nickname Jabb, back in 2015! Here at Her Essence Beauty ( formerly Her Lashes Studio), the studio is like your home away from home! In which you can enjoy friendly conversation, relaxing music, quality and affordable services, a family/friend environment, and most importantly,all in a private location. Here at Her Essence the following services are offered: Eyelash extensions, 

Brow arching, Tint, and  Microblading!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Her Essence website, Now what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and book your appointment... Let Us know if you have  any questions!

Her Essence Beauty 

by Jabb